Carpet and floor coverings based on it, such as carpet tiles, remain timeless. Versatility, availability and ease of installation are the main advantages of this material. In addition, the floor covered with carpet, looks cozier and becomes more pleasant to the touch, which gives the coating additional advantages. However, what are the disadvantages of this option should be remembered and why it is better to look at carpet tiles?

Carpet – pros and cons

Everyone at least once has been in an apartment or apartment building, where the floors are covered with carpeting. Soft and pleasant to the touch coating, on which you can walk even barefoot and do not freeze – that’s how this material is remembered. Very often carpeting is used to cover the floors in children’s rooms and bedrooms to add comfort, as well as to make the floors softer, to reduce the risk of injury from accidental falls.

Another advantage of carpeting as a floor covering is improved sound insulation in the room. This is relevant for both the occupants themselves and their neighbors. Neither footsteps, nor loud music, nor any other noises will be heard, as carpeting does not let them pass through.

And finally, about the installation of carpeting. It is sold in rolls, and before laying them directly, they should be straightened so that the material does not bend during installation. Lay carpeting is not difficult. It can be fixed with nails, glue or double-sided tape. The second option can be called the simplest and most obvious. By applying tape around the perimeter of the carpet, the carpet should be spread on the floor. That’s all.

Trimming the carpet during laying

There is an even simpler method. You can not use any means of fixation, simply spreading the carpet on the floor. But then there is a risk that the coating will “crawl”. It is still desirable to use a fastener.

Speaking of the disadvantages of carpeting, many immediately call it a “dust collector”. Indeed, small grains of sand, garbage, dust are easily trapped between the lint. The coating needs regular and quality care, dry and, preferably, wet cleaning. Otherwise, such a carpet will not look too beautiful, and the dirt in the room will negatively affect the health of the occupants. Use carpeting as a floor covering should be only if there is an opportunity to conduct regular and quality cleaning in the room.

Carpet webs in two colors

And if the occupants have problems with the respiratory system, found allergies or even asthma, it is better to abandon carpeting in general in favor of coverings that will not “collect” dust.

Another significant disadvantage of carpeting is that if the coating is damaged, you can not replace a particular section. You will have to change the whole cloth.

Carpet tile is an analog of carpet, produced in the form of squares. That is why it is called tiles. The size can be different, sometimes the tile has a rectangular shape. Like carpeting, it can have household, commercial and semi-commercial class depending on wear resistance.

Having the same softness and excellent soundproofing qualities of carpet, carpet tiles can “boast” and other pluses. First, because of its format, it is transported much easier than bulky rolls of carpet. Secondly, if necessary, you can replace a particular section of tile, rather than laying a whole roll to replace the old one. Thirdly, carpet tiles have a rigid base on the basis of PVC or bitumen, which increases its durability, improves sound and heat insulation of the coating.

Of the disadvantages it is worth talking separately about the areas subjected to increased load. Especially strongly “gets” the zone of joints, the coating can delaminate and fade under the constant influence of strong mechanical loads. Fortunately, it will not be difficult to replace the problem areas. About the installation of carpet tiles will be discussed below.

Fortunately, laying carpet tiles is not more difficult than rolls of carpeting. It can be fixed with nails, or you can buy glue or double-sided tape. With the latter option is easier and cheaper. True, before installation, it is necessary to clean and dry the rough floor, as well as to make markings. Marking is mandatory, since we are talking about small “pieces” that need to be properly docked with each other. This is especially true for tiles with a pattern or picture.

Shaped carpet tiles

After the marking is made, and the tiles “lay” at least a day (this is a preliminary preparation of the material before laying), you can proceed to installation. It is not difficult to lay carpet tiles by yourself, it is quite easy and fast process. This is another plus of such a floor covering.

Start installation of carpet tiles should be from the center of the room, and when laying a separate fragment of the pile should be smoothed in the direction of the walls. Having spread the tiles, it is necessary to let them “lie” at least a day, without any load.

Laying carpet tiles

So, the difference between carpet and carpet tiles is not too significant. But it is worth noting that it is desirable to choose carpet tiles for the home. Practicality, ease of installation, aesthetics and safety – these are the main advantages of this floor covering. And the ease of care will be an additional advantage. In our online store you can buy both carpet care products and the necessary materials for flooring installation and repair.